Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SLC appointments...

Brynnah was scheduled for some appointments at Primary Children's Medical Center this last week. Brad had work and school and wasn't able to come along...I had Brynnah and Gwyneth and my good friend Megan Anderton agreed to come along on the trek! We got there on Friday and had the first of Brynnah's appointments, pulmonology (lung specialist). We see this Dr. once a year for maintenance and to see if the Dr. suggests weening from oxygen. He did try and have Brynnah do a pulmonary function test but she ended up gagging on the mouthpiece...bummer! Everything at the pulmonologist went great. He wants Brynnah to stay on her oxygen for now and we will see him in a year. The Dr. suggested that we get a swallow evaluation to see if when Brynnah is swallowing, if there is ANY fluid getting into her lungs. He also suggested we see an ENT(throat specialist) to check her vocal chords. Luckily they were able to get us in quickly and we saw him on Monday. There were no complications whatsoever with her vocal chords which was really great news. Unfortunately, the test they had to do was horrible. We had to pin Brynnah down while they stuck a probe down her nose. This Dr. suggested that we see the pulmonologist again and look into some other reasons why her breathing is so affected and why she needs the oxygen.(it's always been a mystery as to why Brynnah constantly needs oxygen) On Tuesday we saw Brynnah's nephrologist(kidney Dr.) We do have to recheck her blood work at the end of the week. She was a little dehydrated. Other than that everything looked great. So we are good for another 3 months. We also got to do some fun things while we were in SLC. We went to the mall and the girls were so excited that there were fish in the pond that was in the middle of the mall. We also took them to the Disney store and the girls LOVED it! Gwyn picked out this Gigantic minnie mouse and was convinced we needed to buy it! Fortunately she got distracted and I was able to get them out of the store without the minnie!

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  1. So glad she is doing well. Thanks for keeping us updated. I hope things continue to go in that direction! How are you feeling?